Friday, 23 August 2013


here's that large Water Tower I was working on when my beloved PC took a nose dive.

It's inspired by the now iconic Water Tower at Vukovar in Croatia that sustained extensive damage during the siege:

I chose it as it has a distinctly Eastern European feel to it and it's a very interesting shape and has a strong silhouette. The eight huge concrete supports also lend themselves to some cat and mouse game play hopefully so I've tried to cut a few blocks out of them to break up the outline and allow for stray bullets and shells to go through.

To get to the top, the player will first ascend a spiral staircase, then climb two tall internal ladders. There's two external floors- the viewing or maintenance level (Complete with faded wavy water themed wall paper!) with eight connected rooms and the very top from were the player will get a 45 meter high 360 degrees view point of the surrounding Zone.

Anyway, hope you like it guys, it threw up a few problems along the way lol...

Tuesday, 6 August 2013


Hello again..! 
I've wanted to do a really bleaky creaky freaky looking cabin in true STALKER style for awhile now, but have waited until I found some good photo ref and then got all the pictures together and just took cues from the best bits of them all. 
I really like these type of metal plate roofs, which are also used in the STALKER games on some buildings I think, as they allow for a cheap way to do the collision LODs, as they're in effect made up of simple cube geometry- easy to translate to the LODs as I say. They also look really oppressive, and really spooky at night when picking your way through the Zone at night and your flash light glints off them.

I've also noticed on a lot of these kind of houses in Ukraine (Where I'm taking my cues from visually as a guide at least!) they sometimes have a little white metal plate on one of the top corners, I think for house number- so I've added that but put some Ukrainian with the house number, but also a "Sector 7" or other number, so as to give the island a feeling that all the inhabitants were under some sort of registration, militarily or experimentally even before the "Incident" / "інцидент"that created NOVA ZONA... 
I'm hoping to expand on that theme very subtly as this goes on, and hopefully it'll come together to create a feeling of oppression across the map as you start putting all these little visual clues together and you can form your own stories from it...

I added the little porch as it'll obviously add to game play, creating more angles etc and because I've always wanted a house in the woods with a porch where I can watch the sunset from, whilst supping from a bottle of Jack and puffing on a pipe. 
Trying to add to the decayed look of it, I've kept the wood texture the same on the inside as the outside with this one, as I really want to make it so there's so many holes and gaps (Many of which you just can't see with this shot) that no corner of this house feels totally safe from possible sniper fire or the weather of NOVA ZONA.