Sunday, 14 April 2013

Another Stalker modified Cargo container here.
This one has a single door, and two segments of the siding have been cut away with two holes in each with each part hinged so they can be raised or lowered for more protection while you aim out the firing slots cut into them.
There is also a basic chimney pipe cut into the roof for when you have to shelter in a bad storm, make a little fire, and heat yourself up with the sides down.
Around the far side there's a pipe and a H-bar holding up an extended roof which can be accessed by climbing a basic ladder made from bent metal and shaped welded plating.
A couple of metal sheets welded to the added railings around the top make for some more cover when proving Overwatch for your squad mates, or simply chilling and watching the sunset over the Zone...

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Well hello there... I said hello...
This is the first of about 3-4 Stalker modified Cargo Containers, meaning that the Stalkers/Bandits etc have been trying to scavenge pieces of scrap metal or anything they can get their hands on and weld them as plating to the containers to bolster it's defensive capabilities- so to help it act as an outpost or something at the edge of a dangerous area or a camp for example.
This particular one has some Russian spray painted on the front of it's one remaining door, the round yellow circle with the three triangles represents the international "Fallout Shelter" symbol, and the text under it means "SHELTER". 
Thanks goto Soulassassin for the translation..! 
There is vehicle panelling welded across the top of the window and at the far corner of this container to act again as a defensive plate, so you can cover from behind it.
On the far side in the middle is a welded on ladder to allow access to the roof, where again Stalkers have added sheet metal for protection.
They've also cut the entire back out and raised it up and propped it on a metal pole and bent the whole sheet up for a shield, whilst in the other edge there's a metal door with a firing hole blowtorched out of it welded onto the corner of the container.
There's also little details like the inside of the cargo door has some old maps of The Zone stuck to it, all faded and marking drawn on them- although I'm not going to go overboard on these kind of details too much at this early point, as I'll wait to see how they look when they're repeated ingame...


Monday, 8 April 2013

Hey up again, another updated generic Cargo Container for your perusal:

I reckon I'll leave it at these three for now, I can always add more later. The trick with these too is to try not to have them too varied colour wise, or it'll stand out as ONLY three containers scattered around so I've tried to make them different colours, but so they're quite close to each other values wise so they sort or merge into each other a bit. The rust and general smegma helps with that...
Next I'll get started on some Stalker modified ones.

Saturday, 6 April 2013

You..! Yes you there..! Here's another update..! 
It's a variation on the Container, a quick job as it's just a case of retexturing the previous model so as to have a different look.
Once I've done another one, then I'll get to work on the Stalker modified types with the firing holes etc...

Morning..! Here's a cargo container with rusted and generally messed up paintwork to fit the STALKER world.
Now that this base container is done, it should be a quick job to get a few more variations in with different paint jobs. Also, what I'm planning is to create a few of these containers that have been "modified" by the Stalkers and Bandits to act as defensive positions  so they'll have things like firing holes blow torched out from the sides and reinforced metal plating along the top edge so you can get a protected drop onto any undesirables that are desecrating your cherished land..!
I've put a bit more love into these containers than is standard, as they'll feature a lot in this Stalker world as they really need to make use of everything they can as the world around them is rotting and forgotten, so there's no "new" stuff for them to utilise...
Anyway, I hope you like it..! ;)

...and yes, the doors will be able to open and close...