Monday, 31 December 2012

This is a basic form of one of the buildings in STALKER. In that game, it was an unnerving looking structure to enter, especially at night, so I thought it best to include it in some similar guise for the island I'm making.

As all my objects will be modular where applicable, this building will make a few appearances but always in different layouts for variations sake. Some will be just a block like this one, others will be T shaped or even rounded and so on...
I've added little details like some of the ceiling panels are either hanging off or are on the floor from years of relentless weathering in The Zone. At this point, there's minimal set decoration, as before I start on that I want to make sure each larger structure is working fine by itself and then I'll start to fill in in the little plain areas but always within the confines of the ARMA engine, as it's performance first..!
Anyway, I hope you like, and it's crits/suggestions welcome as always.

(Also, sorry this one took some time to get out, but I've been on holiday around Hong Kong, and also had a quick spell in hospital with food poisoning which knocked the stuffing out of me... could've been the toxic Box fish I ate..? Or the raw fish buoyancy bladder..? Or the raw tuna belly etc etc..?) 

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

This is a standard house, simple in design, but it also serves as a template of sorts for more to come as it has some tiling textures and structural elements that can be easily used in other buildings.

I'm building and texturing as many items as possible in a modular fashion, so as to speed up the creation process and to add a bit of consistency to the world.
Because I now have a standard tiling brick texture, floor texture and wallpaper texture, aswell as modular geometry for wall/floor parts etc it will increase the speed that I can create new structures based on this particular theme, while also easily implementing new texture sets in the meantime.
So for instance I can have a similar looking structure to this one, but with say two floors. Or one that is very long and the walls are mostly crumbled down or one with a flight of stairs going up to an enclosed top floor.
Basically endless variations to fit the game play.
Also worth pointing out is that I intend to have lots of little placeable entities like lights and aerials etc, to break up the silhouette and add some clutter.