Wednesday, 5 December 2012

This is a standard house, simple in design, but it also serves as a template of sorts for more to come as it has some tiling textures and structural elements that can be easily used in other buildings.

I'm building and texturing as many items as possible in a modular fashion, so as to speed up the creation process and to add a bit of consistency to the world.
Because I now have a standard tiling brick texture, floor texture and wallpaper texture, aswell as modular geometry for wall/floor parts etc it will increase the speed that I can create new structures based on this particular theme, while also easily implementing new texture sets in the meantime.
So for instance I can have a similar looking structure to this one, but with say two floors. Or one that is very long and the walls are mostly crumbled down or one with a flight of stairs going up to an enclosed top floor.
Basically endless variations to fit the game play.
Also worth pointing out is that I intend to have lots of little placeable entities like lights and aerials etc, to break up the silhouette and add some clutter.

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