Sunday, 14 April 2013

Another Stalker modified Cargo container here.
This one has a single door, and two segments of the siding have been cut away with two holes in each with each part hinged so they can be raised or lowered for more protection while you aim out the firing slots cut into them.
There is also a basic chimney pipe cut into the roof for when you have to shelter in a bad storm, make a little fire, and heat yourself up with the sides down.
Around the far side there's a pipe and a H-bar holding up an extended roof which can be accessed by climbing a basic ladder made from bent metal and shaped welded plating.
A couple of metal sheets welded to the added railings around the top make for some more cover when proving Overwatch for your squad mates, or simply chilling and watching the sunset over the Zone...


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  2. Those are some damn fine Models. I can't wait to experience The Zone in ArmA3

  3. Thanks Tsar..!
    That's high praise indeed coming from you- I checked your blog out and it's really impressive..!