Saturday, 6 April 2013

Morning..! Here's a cargo container with rusted and generally messed up paintwork to fit the STALKER world.
Now that this base container is done, it should be a quick job to get a few more variations in with different paint jobs. Also, what I'm planning is to create a few of these containers that have been "modified" by the Stalkers and Bandits to act as defensive positions  so they'll have things like firing holes blow torched out from the sides and reinforced metal plating along the top edge so you can get a protected drop onto any undesirables that are desecrating your cherished land..!
I've put a bit more love into these containers than is standard, as they'll feature a lot in this Stalker world as they really need to make use of everything they can as the world around them is rotting and forgotten, so there's no "new" stuff for them to utilise...
Anyway, I hope you like it..! ;)

...and yes, the doors will be able to open and close...

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