Wednesday, 26 June 2013

By jingo it's been a while..!!!
Good to be back from a fantastic holiday back home to visit family and friends, but at long last here's an update to my Stalker project!
This one is a log cabin with an added attic area accessible via a crappy wooden ladder on the outside of the building. It's taken a bit longer than most of the other structures as it's essentially made of cylinders, and each one had to be an exact size so as to allow for both modularity and ease of player animations like vaulting etc.
I more or less spent two days figuring out a happy medium.
Also, as there's a fair bit of surface area it took a little longer to texture too..! All those round logs and planks..!!!
Anyway, here's a couple of shots, one of the entire outside and another of the detailing and a section of the rooms inside the building where you could spend an entire evening, fire crackling, smoking fine cigars, drinking good wine and generally having cordial conversation with the other gentlemanly Stalkers of the Zone:

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