Thursday, 27 May 2010


Hey up,
Aye it's been awhile I know so here's a little WIP update on what I've been working on so far. As my actual website is still in need of some extra content, I thought it best to temporarily shelve the Middle East scene I'd started (Nearly finished texturing that first building) and concentrate on getting some props I've already made onto the site from the sewer tunnel scene, as there was quite a lot of work and effort that went in making that scene.
So, instead of just print screening them against a grey background, I thought I could make a sort of virtual testing/viewing room for all the props I produce, just to give it a bit more oumff (Is that a word..? It is now...) and make it a tad more interesting. Also, the room will serve as a prop in itself to tie the whole site together as I update it with various logos and symbols to match the design and keep overall continuity.
I've purposely made it bland with little pockets of high res detail so as not to distract to much from the actual props that'll be placed in it; it's just a fancy pants background after all...
Another element that I've added to it is to place on each wall and the floor the XYZ axis marker, and also kept the colour system in place. Y is on the floor and green, X on one wall is red and Z on the other wall is blue, as are the little digital distance markers; blue numbers for Z, red for X.

The whole thing is still WIP, and more little incidentals will be added like a simple door/exit sign/hand scanner lock etc.
Anyway, here's a few simple print screens and I'll be back on the Middle East scene before you can say Chicken Dance team 2000...

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