Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Well, in-between doing other jobs and real world (!) things, I finally got this Radio Mast 05 into the game and working. 
I placed 4 in a row here and set up a little skirmish between two opposing forces to get some action out of it. It's really satisfying to see all the little iddy biddy tiny AI peeps utilising the structures I've made- it never gets old! One dude got shot from the top of the Radio Mast and fell rag doll style down the side, bless him...

Also, I'd like to mention and thank both Mikero and [EvG] Kiory for their massive help with this one, and many others in the ARMA community- I had a few problems with this in regards things like collisions (Don't ask...) and even basic things like getting a bloody ALPHA channel to work (Don't ask...)!
I should mention, the only retouching is the very top of the lightning bolt as I missed the strike with ARMA3's Splendid Cam, and there's a slight vignette around the outside to focus the attention, that's all though- it's basically all in game goodness.

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