Wednesday, 25 September 2013


Back at last from RL..!!! 

Ok, this update is for a Petrol Station in the old NOVA ZONA rusted and ruined style, and is inspired by the excellent petrol station in Call Of Pripyat- there is something I love about that buildings shape and silhouette, it's really evocative of times gone by for me.

I've tried to update the design a bit to take it away from the source material, and done some research on Ukraine/Russian petrol stations and I noticed that there used to be quite a lot that had this chequered tile motif along the edges of their walls, so thought that looked pretty striking. I've continued that design inside the building aswell, which you probably can't see from these screenies but there's a two tone wall pattern inside with a chequered section to separate the tones.

Anyway, here's a few shots and you can also see there's some old battered shelving units inside too, to offer concealment and protection incase you get caught with your pants down:

I hope you like it guys, and I look forwards to any feedback. :)

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