Wednesday, 5 March 2014


Hi all..!

Damn, it's been awhile but I finally found some time to get back on with my beloved NOVA ZONA project again..!!! 

I've just finished this large warehouse type building, and based it off the many grim looking warehouses that are to be found all over Thailands industrial areas here (Which are fantastic for inspiration by the way..!). 
As always, I'm trying to keep these in line with the STALKER aesthetic, but take them from a completely different approach design wise so they look new and unique- I don't want to simply reproduce the same structures we've all seen before.

It's a good challenge to build in large details like the overlapping sections on the sides and the large overhanging pipe that splits in two over your head when you enter- it looks pretty freaky when you're in game and you run inside in a rainstorm, look up with your torch on and it illuminates this almost organic looking structure. 

In adding these large details, I also try to make the basic layout of these places easily navigable and readable so as not to confuse the player or stop the flow of AI patrolling through them. 
With this one, there's basically the main front entrance (A large open end with a single concrete pillar dividing it) and two smaller holes knocked out of the bricks on the side. To get through the smaller one you have to duck. 
Inside there's a couple of concrete bulkheads that hold up the large pipe overhead to crouch behind, and also four little stairways up to a raised platform for a better vantage of the entrance.

Anyway, here's a couple of basic shots of the structure from the front and behind:

And, as a special treat as it's been so bloody long, here's a shot of the Cinder Warehouse in game providing cover for three poor souls who are about to be lost to the Zone from God knows what... muhhhhahahahaha..!

"The Last Stand"

Finally, I thought I'd show this building in game in day time too so you can get a better idea of what the sun shafts and overall look is like, so here you go guys- I hope it whets your appetites until the next update:

As always chaps, please feel free to ask questions, leave feedback/suggestions etc- it really does help to keep me going seeing people opinions and gives me a right old boost..!

Take it easy guys and gals..! :)

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