Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Hi again..! This one's been awhile I know, but alas, I've been busy with other things..!
Another house style to flesh out the many villages, and again taking inspiration from the STALKER game and bringing it to a design more suited to ARMA gameplay- window heights for crouching behind, door sizes for easy access etc...

Also, time wise these do take longer than is strictly necessary, as I'm putting a bit more loveage' into them with things like properly UV'd edges, so when bricks meet on a corner say, then the texture tiles correctly- the same goes for wooden planks, wallpaper etc- everything basically, so it all adds up but will be worth it in the long run as all these little touches add to the immersion.
Nothing worse then being fully immersed in a game, then you see a huge glaring hard texture edge on one of the walls in full HD lol... ;)
I'm trying to get a really weathered and grim look running throughout the design, so it really stands out against the current amazing ARMA map, Chernarus. 
Ideally, by the end of the project, there won't be a single standing object that is completely new or clean looking.
You can't really see from this shot, but a lot of the wooden planking floorboards are missing so you will see the ground under the structure, with all the grass growing through the gaps which should help give the impression of nature reclaiming it... and also make the entire building feel very rickety and claptrap.
Also, the ceilings have planks missing, and you can see up into the roof area so sun/moon light should spill through for some lovely silhouettes..! Of course, if there's a player up there, then he can shoot down through the gaps and give you a bad time... or vice versa. When this type of design is carried across to other structures, then it should make for some intricate fire fights in close quarters- people on the floor above you shooting down into your area etc.
Lastly, there's a proper fire place (dead centre of image) with connected chimney stack that you can't really see from this shot, but you will be able to light fires in it on those cold grim nights in the Zone, gather your friends around and swap tales of daring do and the manly man things lonely men do in the Zone.
What happens in the Zone, stays in the ;)

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