Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Hi all..!
It's been ages I know, but here's the latest house structure to be completed.
Sorry it's been awhile, but priorities come first- I've been doing a lot of RL work and also have got a few of my objects into ARMA itself and working now, which takes time.
Anyway, this new house is again modular in construction- so it'll be easy for me to make variations (The ever important variations!) to the layout and ruin side of things. 
As it stands, I'm probably going to have 8 kinds of cement/brick style house, and 4 kinds of wooden/log houses. Then, variations on all so hopefully there'll be a fair few differences scattered across the map.

Also, these houses are all just the "shell"- there will be little objects to interact with like lanterns on tables and fireplaces where you can light a fire inside the house. You can just make out the fireplace inside this particular house in centre image.
As I've modelled the actual chimney flue to go down to the fireplace itself, then in theory you should be able to throw a grenade into the chimney from outside, and if you aim is good enough, it should fall down the stack and explode in the fireplace, killing everyone around the fire..! What joy..! :D

Anyway, I hope to start on smaller objects again now, give the houses a rest for a bit so there should be more updates sooner rather than later...

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